Visit Mekong Delta in Vietnam

Located in Southwestern of Vietnam, Mekong Delta is endowed with Mekong River with many preferences for developing agriculture, economics as well as tourism. With the total area of 40,548 square kilometers and the population of 17,330,900 people in 2011. It is an immense and fertile land which includes 11 provinces and a city (Can Tho).

This Delta has favorable tropical climate, hot and humid all the year. Coming to Mekong Delta, tourists will be overwhelmed by the endless green of rice field to the vertical. There no elsewhere which has as many rivers and channels as Mekong Delta. Tourist will have unforgettable experience when traveling around on boats, watching mangroves, tropical rain forests and floating lives of people there. The most impressive thing in it is its PROSPERITY. Each morning, people on boats, gathering along river to buy and sell agricultural products. There is no elsewhere tourists can see that unique kind of market, no elsewhere there are such enormous kinds of fruits selling in the market. It is such a colorful and vivid picture that will stick in tourist’s mind forever.


Mekong Delta has long history and multi-culture. It owns distinctive culture from life style, custom and tradition. While the Red River Delta is influenced by Confucianism and prefers Buddhism, It is multicultural with large population of Viet, a minor population of Khmer and a sizeable Hoa (ethnic Chinese). Therefore, the delta has many spiritual sights in various distinguished architecture such as Chau Giang Mosque, Long Xuyen Catholic Church and Mobarack Mosque, etc. Travelling around the delta, tourists will be fascinated by the long history of this land with many myth and legend.

In addition, Mekong Delta’ cuisine tradition is attractive thing that will please tourists who have love for foods. Each province has its own delicacies such as Bun Nuoc Leo (one kinds of noodle in Soc Trang), Sap Coconut in Tra Vinh, Pia Cake in Bac Lieu, etc.

Overall, It is absolutely a place that holding tourist’s footsteps by its unique culture, picturesque landscape, frenetic lifestyle, and prosperity and friendly and open-minded people.

Come and discover Mekong by yourself!

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