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Family Vacation in London

The capital of UK, London, caters to people of every age group. That was what brought me to visit London along with my family on our vacations. The family friendly city is great for kids and everybody gets to enjoy and have some fun. Our vacations in London mainly focused on the outdoor activities and places where we could have some family fun. London has countless attractions for kids and other interesting events and activities that take place throughout the year.

London city

The first place we visited was situated in the heart of London and is home to one of the largest collections of marine life and is called the Sea Life London Aquarium. The experience was highly interactive and very informative for people of every age. Kids found the place amusing and interesting. You can stroll under the tropical ocean through a glass tunnel and watch the amazing marine life that surrounds you.

You can also have the most amazing rainforest experience by visiting the London Zoo which is home to over 12,000 animals. You will be amazed by seeing some of the most unusual animals of Africa, or you could go on an exciting monkey walk. The London Zoo is a great place to visit with your family which guarantees an entertaining and a fun filled day.

Who doesn’t love to have some water fun? London has various options of water parks where you and your family can have some fun time swimming and splashing around. The place where I went to was called the Wet n Wild at Waterfront Leisure Centre. It has fitness as well as a leisure pool and is a great place for kids. They have a 65m snake slide, wave machine, waterfall, volcano, water jets and five lane waterslide that kids love.

There are also numerous play centers in the city where children can have a lot of fun. We visited Bramleys Big Adventure which is basically an indoor playing center for kids. This is a place where you can relax while your children play and have some fun. The center also includes a family cafe for refreshments and a gift shop.

Another place worth visiting is London’s only museum which is dedicated to film and is known as the London Film Museum. The place offers highly informative and educational experience for the whole family. It tells us about the history of British Studios and how films are made. The museum also holds great information about the world famous comedian Charlie Chaplin.

London  city aerial view

For some action and adventure, I took my family to the Castle Climbing Center. It is an exciting indoor climbing center which is constructed within a truly amazing Victorian building. We had great family fun there and the memories are unforgettable.

London has a huge range in the variety of accommodations and they can be chosen according to your need and budget. During my stay, I chose base2stay Kensington, which is a fairly reasonable priced hotel and was comfortable for my family. Before visiting the city, I looked through some of the important details of the city on Londonthisweekend. which proved really helpful and informative. London is an exciting and amazing place to visit with your family so don’t miss out on all the fun this vacation and visit London!

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