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Travelling Overland Versus Flying

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When we travel, most of us try to plot a schedule of where we are going to be and when, what time we arrive, and where we are going to stay. It’s tight, without much flexibility and tends to have us in a panic when things don’t go according to plan, and at most times this is due to a scheduled flight that we have to catch at some ungodly hour or a tourist bus warming up its engine again ten minutes after you get off.

Why not try wherever possible to travel overland locally. It’s a lot more fun, freestyle travel, when you arrive in a destination bhutan tour agency then get your accommodation, a lot of us will throw a Lonely Planet into our bags, however, in the spirit of adventure travel, why not take a chance and see what the taxi driver, rickshaw, or tuk tuk man …

Best Places for Family Vacation

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Vacations are the best part of anyone’s lives; it provides
you with an opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself with people you love the
most. Family vacations are trips which are filled with lots of fun and
memorable moments with our close relatives and lovely cousins who are the first
friends for any individual. You can plan your family vacation to be fun filled
or educational which is also one of the best ways to make your trip more meaningful.
The list below provides you with the some of the best family vacation choices
including both domestic and international destinations.


USA (United States of

Famously addressed by their people as one of the ‘Greatest
Nations on Earth’, United States is always an attractive tourist destination.
There are many places which promise both fun and also historic significance;
there are a number of beautiful hot spots that one can …